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People Places & Things Photographics Hospitality Creative Team providing Hotel Photography | Video | eBrochures
Kevin Beswick Brand Approved Hotel Photographer Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, "Marriott Approved Photographer"
Pamela Beswick Creative Director & Photo Stylist | Partner

People Places & Things Photographics experienced, professional Hospitality creative team has photographed over 100 Hotels throughout the United States for top Hotel Management Groups hotels. Our professional experience includes photographing signature multi-million dollar Architectural and Hospitality projects throughout the USA. Kevin Beswick began as a Corporate Photographer for office furniture giant Steelcase Inc. where he photographed customer Office Furniture installations throughout the United States including Chicago's NEOCON showrooms for high-end product marketing and advertising collateral followed by Architectural and Commercial Construction projects including Hospitality, Healthcare, Educational, Retail Stores and Restaurants.

Experienced Professional Hospitality Creative Team with Exacting Standards of Excellence in Hotel Content Marketing

Our Hospitality Creative Team consists of owners Kevin Beswick, Architectural Hospitality Hotel Photographer and Partner Pamela Beswick, Creative Director & Photo Stylist. Together we provide meticulous attention to detail both during and after our photo shoots combined with exemplary service while providing outstanding approved Hotel Photography that meets and exceeds Brand Guidelines for your hotel properties. Rest assured that your hotel management group’s properties will be photographed to the highest Brand Guideline standards plus our own exacting standards of excellence in world-class hotel photography and HD video production, image post-production processes and timely digital delivery to our valued Hospitality clients. Hoteliers, look closely at every "Picture Perfect" detail in our Hotel Photography in composition, camera angles, and professional lighting balanced with interior and exterior ambient lighting enhanced by our meticoulous scene photo styling. VIEW +500 beautiful hotel images...

Experience the ROI that professional World-Class Brand Approved Hotel Photography, Hotel Videos and eBrochures brings to your Hospitality Management Group's bottom-line for your Hotel Properties Content Marketing throughout the USA.

Mobile 616.581.9767  |  email Kevin Beswick Hotel Photographer | Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association Allied Member


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